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Some Of The Wishes Received By Small Miracles Foundation

David McAlonan, age 8 

David is an 8 year old boy who functions at a five year old level due to a variety of neurological disorders which he suffers including Dandy Walker Syndrome, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, Tourettes Syndrome, ADHD, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.   David has a 6 month old sister whose has Cerebral Palsy and a brother who is asthmatic. 

David's involvement in social activities is often limited.  According to his mother, it is rare that he  is happy or smiling.  She reports that he became fascinated with Dinosaurs after visits to the Academy Of Natural Sciences, and that he is the happiest when studying fossils. David's greatest  wish is to work along with Paleontologists in the discovery of Dinosaur bones and other fossils.   He wants to go out West and be involved in a  "dig" for a few weeks.  The combined costs associated with the medical treatment for David  and his siblings makes it impossible for his mom  and dad to fulfill his wish.  Family and physicians concur that the granting of David's wish would do a great deal for his self-esteem.   Fullfilment of this wish is still pending.

Gregory Cesar, age 18 

Gregory has suffered from a rare hereditary disorder called Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, since age 3.  This disease destroys the muscles of the calves, hands and feet due to peripheral nerve deterioration.  Gregory lost significant use of his hands and legs, and spends a great deal of time in the hospital each year where he undergoes treatment and therapy.  When not in the hospital he lives in a shelter with his mother who is very ill. 

Notwithstanding his medical problems, Gregory Cesar has a bright outlook about his future.  He is a brilliant 18 year old boy who enjoys attending school, and composing, playing and listening to classical music.  He has composed numerous classical pieces, which he can play on an electronic keyboard using parts of both hands.  Gregory's wishes were few.  First,  to further his education at a music school.  Second,  to have the help of a composer to arrange his music so that one day it could be performed by a symphony orchestra. Thirdly, he wished for an AM/FM stereo walkman so that he could enjoy music wherever he traveled.  SMF secured the stereo walkman for Greg and is working on his long range wishes.


Adam McMaster, age 8 

Adam is 8 years old, and is autistic.   Adam's brother, Forrest is a 6 year old boy who functions at a younger level due to a veriety of neurological disorders which he suffers including mental retardation, ADHD, reflux, pseudo-obstruction disorder and sensory neuropathy. Adam's parents are divorced, and his mother is burdened by numerous financial hardships, lives on SSI, and is trying her best to change her current status.  She  has enrolled as a college student, in an effort to build a better future for herself and the children.  Adam wished for a bicycle for Christmas, with training wheels.  This wish was fulfilled, and Adam got his new bike.


Rosemary Ellis, age 44 

Rosemary, is a 44 year old amputee who expressed a desire to help others deal with their physical challenges in a positive way.  She wished for a computer to enable her to develop a series of informational pamphlets to illustrate to physically challenged people things they could do to enhance their lives, and places they could visit that cater to their special needs.  She indicated that the computer would also enable her to manage the recordkeeping and letter writing involved in her ambitious project.  "Rosie" also wanted to do this to be creative and build her self-esteem.  This wish was fulfilled, and Rosemary now has her computer.


"The wish of a child or needy individual will never be ignored,
no matter how busy we are, even in granting other wishes." 

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Wishes Received By Small Miracles Foundation

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