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A volunteer who just keeps on giving. 
     Adele Levy is not at a loss for things to occupy her time.  She is a bookeeper, and also serves as a volunteer for the City Of Hope.  So how does she find the time to involve herself as a Small Miracles Foundation Volunteer?  "I love to help people," she replies. 
     Adele, like all other SMF volunteers give from the heart, and are committed to helping Small Miracles Foundation by donating their most precious resource: their time.  In the past, Adele has donated her time to help SMF collect nickles, dimes, quarters and dollars at the Oxford Valley Mall so that SMF could donate a bicycle to a physically challenged boy in time for Christmas.  She was also at the ready when someone was needed to ask neighborhood Acme shoppers to pitch in so that SMF could donate a computer to an amputee.  As a matter of fact, day or night, rain or shine, Adele often puts other people's needs ahead of her own. 
     While her commitment may seem unusual, there are many compassionate people like her who generously donate time, services and/or money to help others who are physically challenged.  With each passing year, SMF's family of donors grows in scope, and our goal is to one day have chapters in cities throughout the United States comprised of retirees, teenagers, young professionals, heads of corporations and celebrities.  If you would like to become an SMF volunteer, send us an e-mail to miracles@miraclesfoundation.org
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