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     At the invitation of Shriner's Hospital, Howard, our computer graphic guru and volunteer extraordinaire, organized a Pizza party and computer graphics show to entertain the Shriner's children, parents and staff prior to  Christmas. 

     To start things off, lots of Pizza and soda was consumed, as donated by SMF and its supporters Mr. & Mrs. Hardeep Chawla.  While partygoers were eating, Howard distributed a computerized "Birth History" to each child and recreational therapy staff members, listing important world events on the date of their birth (famous songs, price of goods, famous people etc.).   

     Following this, Howard snapped unique photo's of the children, parents and staff members, using a sophisticated computer system, video camera, image digitizing software and a library of "human bodies" minus their heads.   Using the graphic computer system & software,  Howard placed the children's and adult's  heads on the  body of their choice, and VOILA....through the magic of electronics and Howard's skill, some people became babies, models, weightlifters, sophisticates, waitresses, ski-buffs, eskimos, etc.  
     The audience was able to view the entire process on a large 40" color monitor  attached to the computer system.  Then, each person got to choose an english or spanish title for his/her computer picture. 

      In the wee hours of the morning, Howard, along with the help of a few Shriner's parents, superimposed the english and spanish titles on the computerized photo's....placed them all in the framework of a Christmas Show using special software tools...added some english and spanish Christmas Music....and had the computer play out a sequence of exciting photo's and music to a video recorder, where the entire show was recorded to VHS tape.   The end result was a dynamic Christmas Show that included children, parents, staff members and, or course, Santa Claus.  Howard then printed out individual photo's to a laser printer...and framed them all so that everyone could have a copy of the computer photo they appeared in.   

     The children and adults got a big bang out of seeing themselves "digitized" on computer and on other bodies, and were shown the completed Christmas Show on Christmas eve.  SMF was also happy to donate video taped copies of the show for parents to keep as a remembrance.   THANK YOU HOWARD.  GOOD JOB! 

And, thank you Shriner's for the joy it brought to us to spend some time  
with your wonderful children,  parents and devoted staff members. 
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