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"During the past years, a small group of compassionate individuals has made  a difference for deserving  children and others striving to maintain their hope, courage and dignity while battling some of life's medical problems.  Representing a generous donor and volunteer network, they suport  the work of the Small Miracles Foundation (SMF).   

Our volunteer's efforts reflect a uniquely American phenomenon: a history of unselfish personal dedication to people in need.   Their deep concern for others is expressed in the form of time, talent and giving from the heart.  Through their commitment, tireless support and inexaustible concern for others, Small Miracles Foundation in its early history has been able to turn dreams into reality by the granting of wishes,  and to empower young children and others with hope.  We know that maintaining hope enables individuals beset by medical problems to better cope with situations which medicine alone cannot resolve.

The power of human compassion is the guiding force behind all aspects of the Small Miracles Foundation, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to respond to those who've needed our help.

We are certainly not alone in seeking dearly to their dreams, but a supplement to their fine work.

There will never be enough charities to respond to the limitless number of people in need both in the USA and abroad.  Small Miracles Foundation  not only responds to dreams, but is a place of dreamers...... people who believe in making things happen. Our volunteers dream of fulfilling wishes.  Our administrators dream of programs to assist young and old.  And our donors share these dreams and provide the needed support to make dreams come true.  As we celebrate the beginnings of our ambitious goals, it is with profound gratitude that we recognize the accomplishments, however small, that have resulted from the outstanding work of our volunteers. 

The best is yet to come.
  Small Miracles Foundation is not only greatful for the gifts bestowed upon us, but recognize the importance of our job as stewards over these gifts.  As in the past, we shall continue to manage our resources prudently to enable young and old to fulfill their dreams." 

Small Miracles Foundation




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