Technical Assistance & Educational Group

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way to helping us to help needy children and adults.

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With the help of various suppliers of computer hardware and software we offer youth groups and seniors who qualify for charitable assistance FREE COMPUTER EDUCATION. The purpose of this education is to help them develop skills that can be put to use in the job market, and help them acquire jobs that might require such skills.

  • Word processing
  • How to surf the internet
  • *How to create web pages
  • **How to create an
      e-commerce web site
  • Desk-Top Publishing
  • Computer Art & Graphics
  • How to create a spreadsheet
  • How to make a database
  • Computer Basics

  • There is no charge for this program 
    To apply contact Small Miracles Foundation Volunteer Group

    * Dreamwearver software is used to teach web page design
    ** Shopfactory software is used to teach E-commerce Site Design
    We thank the following retailers and other organizations whose financial and/or service contributions enabled Small Miracles Foundation to complete its fundraising goals:

    Small Miracles Foundation is a non-profit entity.